Patient In Focus

Your life - Our focus

Patients need knowledge and tools to strengthen their quality of life. If patients receive help to discover new meaning in life; we might be able to prevent the debilitation and loneliness that often comes along with suffering from a chronic illness or disability.

Patient In Focus offer patient education and knowledge sharing.

Through counselling and and a strong patient community, we can create life-changing goals in the new living conditions as chronically ill or disabled, maintain some form of active involvement in our community, and thus enhance quality of life. 

We give patients new reason to believe in themselves and the future.


  • “Finally a knowledge library that kicks ass”

    Patient, skizophrenia and depression

  • “I'm crazy about Patient In Focus and those ladies are very inspiring”

    Patient, chronic pain

  • “We have never had anything like Patient In Focus before. Finally something that can make a difference”

    Researcher and Board Member

  • “The Patient In Focus patient education has made a huge difference in my life”

    Patient, degenerative disc disease and stress

  • “I wish Patient In Focus existed 30 years ago when I first starting having disease activities”

    Patient, diabetes, chronic pain, heart disease, and heart valve transplantation